Scripture and Tradition

Scripture and Tradition

November 17th, 2012

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:6-814. According to these texts, what would Paul include in his concept of truth?

In this passage Paul introduces the word tradition. How can Paul put tradition next to scripture? Jesus himself rebuked the religious leaders for their traditions (Mark 7:8). The Apostles are asking of the Thessalonians to remember the traditions that they have instituted. We have to remember that tradition is not wrong if it is according to scripture. Paul only wants others to follow him as him is faithful to following Christ (1 Cor 11). We must also test everything according to the scriptures receive the good and discard the bad (1 thes 5:21). Tradition serves as a way to pass on an element of truth which may not explicit in scripture. We must know how to properly use scripture and tradition. How do you think tradition functions in along side the scriptures?

These texts reveal how important Paul’s actions were for the Thessalonians. Though he had truth directly from the Lord (Gal. 1:1), He bore witness as much by His life and actions as by His words. How well do our lives reflect the truths that we have been given?

Paul speaks about how we are living epistles (2 cor 3:2). When we live out the scriptures we be come a scripture to the people that we meet each day. When there is an incongruence with the truth we know and the lives we live we are hypocrites. We will have to give any account for the truth that God has given us and what we have done with it. There is spiritual power in a live that lives out the principles of the scriptures. Scripture and tradition together can benefit us. The bible provides for us a manual on how to live optimally on this earth and also how to make it to the new earth. Read the manual!

Prayer: Lord God Almighty, thank the treasure of scripture. Help us to meet Jesus in it’s precious pages. May we be a scripture to all we encounter, may we be like Jesus. Thank you in Jesus name amen.

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